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Monarch Ex Flyscreens

The features of this design are:
-Applicable to casement and sliding doors
-No threshold with plastic caterpillar mechanism
-Suitable for inside installation
-Applicable for large openings
Available as ;
-Horizontal one sash (I→) or (←I): max size 2000x3000 mm
-Horizontal double sash (←I→) or (→I←) max size: 4000x3000 mm
-Japanese know-how, Japanese mesh (100% UV resistant polyester) and Turkish aluminium profiles and plastic components produced as per EU norms
-For sliding doors, to be used with 10*20 or 10*25 frames (3 sides of the frame ; i.e. only on 2 sides and top to make no-treshold feature of system still usable), based on the overlap of sliding UPVC sash on UPVC rail. Whole area maybe covered with frame (3 sides) but by using sashes either (←I→) or (→I←) applications, customer may use only one mesh sash as per their wish)
-Available as readymade or as material (6 m aluminium and accs)